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Other Places:
Trader Vic's: 1, 2 (Atlanta, GA)
La Mariana Sailing Club (Honolulu, HI)
Moai Dude (Altoona, IA)
Trader Vicís (Chicago, IL) [gone]
Chef Shangri-La (North Riverside, IL) [map]
Bali Ha'i at the Beach (New Orleans, LA) [gone]
Tiki Bar: 1, 2 (Solomons Island, MD) [map]
Mai Tai Lounge: 1, 2 (Omaha, NE) [gone]
Moai (Akron, OH)
Tiki statue (Dayton, OH)
The Alibi (Portland, OR)
Easter Island Statue (Seadrift, TX) [gone]
Easter Island Statue (Lynchburg, VA)
Ohana (Seattle, WA)
Easter Island Heads (Egg Harbor, WI)
Trader Vic's: 1, 2 (various locations, etc.)
Trader Vicís (London, England)
Bali Hai (Santiago, Chile)

Fraternal Order of Moai
Polynesian Pop Paradise
Tiki News
Tiki Room

Tiki Magazine

Book of Tiki, Sven A. Kirsten, 2000
In Search of Tiki, Sven A. Kirsten, 2000
Taboo: The Art of Tiki, Martin McIntosh, 1999
Tiki Road Trip, James Teitelbaum & Sven A. Kirsten, 2003
Tiki Road Trip, 2nd edition, James Teitelbaum, 2007
Books & Reviews

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California Tiki
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California Tiki
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California Tiki
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California Tiki
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California Tiki
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San Diego Tiki  
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