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Giant Bell
Windsor, ON
Giant Souvenir
Travel Plate
Lucas, KS
Cleaver [gone]
Topeka, KS
Giant Fork
Milan, NY
Giant Fork [gone]
Ellsworth, ME
This 14 foot tall Giant Bell is located in the Odette Sculpture Park. It was created by Stephen Cruise in 1999. The sculpture is made of bronze and wood and entitled "Bell Measure".

The Giant Souvenir Travel Plate is 14 feet in diameter. It is made from two satellite dishes. The plate depicts scenes from Lucas. It was built and painted by Erika Nelson in 2006. For more, see this website. [map]

This giant Meat Cleaver was originally displayed on the campus of Washburn University in Topeka. This photo was taken in 2007. The sculpture disappeared around 2008. Does anyone know where it went? [photo thanks Glenda Campbell]

The Fork in Milan is 31 foot tall and made of steel and aluminum. It was built by Stephen Schreiber in 2000 as a pun on its location at a fork in the road. [map]

The Fork in Ellsworth was located at the Fork in the Road Café, which was at another forked intersection. The restaurant opened in 1995 and closed in 2004. The fork was gone by 2009.

Giant Fork
Springfield, MO
Giant Fork
Pasadena, CA
Giant Fork
Yuma, AZ
Giant Fork
Austin, TX
This stainless-steel Fork in Springfield is about 35 feet tall. It is located in front of Noble & Associates, an advertising and food marketing agency. The Fork was built in 1998 and installed at the Greenhouse Market which was owned by Noble. It was moved here later. [map]

The Fork in Pasadena is 18 feet tall. It was built by Stephen Schreiber. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

The Fork in Yuma is eight feet tall. It was built in 2013 by Perry Pensky and is installed in front of Da Boyz Pizza. [map]

The Fork in Austin has been located in front of the Hyde Park Bar & Grill since 1982. It was built by Richard Heinichen. It is frequently decorated for different seasons and events like it was for graduations when this photo was taken in June 2019. The attachments are designed by Dale Whistler. [map]

Bowie Knife
Bowie, TX
This Giant Bowie Knife was installed in 2016. It is 20 feet long and made of stainless steel, brass, and wood. [map]

More Giant Silverware & Knives:
Fork (Creede, CO)
Fork (Franklin, KY)
Fork (Lexington, KY)
Pocketknife (Radcliff, KY)
Fork (Westport, MA) [map]
Ladle Fountain (Elk River, MN) [gone]
Purple Spoon (East Glacier Park, MT) [map]
Fork with Pasta (Omaha, NE) [map]
Fork (Las Vegas, NV)
Fork (Lebanon, OR)
Fork (Centerport, PA)
Spoon & Knife (Centerport, PA)
Giant Utensils, Coffee Cup & Saucer, Wristwatch (Grove City, PA)
Spoon (Cramlington, England)

Giant Frying Pan
Rose Hill, NC
The Rose Hill Frying Pan is 15 feet in diameter. It was built in 1963 to fry chickens for the Rose Hill Poultry Jubilee. It is still used several times per year for community events. 40 gas burners are used to heat the pan. [map]

Giant Frying Pan
Long Beach, WA
Giant Frying Pan
Brandon, IA
Giant Frying Pan
Roanoke, VA
Giant Frying Pan
Seaside, OR
Giant Pie Pan
Traverse City, MI
Pancake Griddle
Penn Yan, NY
The Frying Pan in Long Beach is a fiberglass replica of one built in 1941 for the annual Clam Festival. It was 14 foot, six inches long and traveled around the Northwest to promote tourism. For more, see this website. [map]

The Frying Pan in Brandon was built in 2004 to promote Brandon's semi-annual cowboy breakfast. The pan is made of scrap steel and is 14 foot, three inches long. For more, see this website. [map]

The Frying Pan in Roanoke is installed at Northwest True Value Hardware. [map]

The Frying Pan in Seaside is located at the Elderberry Inn. It weighs 240 pounds and made of aluminum. The Frying pan was installed sometime between 2007 and 2012. [map]

In 1987, this Giant Pie Pan was used to make a 28,350-pound cherry pie. The pan is 17 feet six inches in diameter. It is located in front of the former Chef Pierre Bakeries plant. For more, see this website. The is another giant pie pan in Charlevoix, MI. [map]

The Giant Pancake Griddle was built and used in 1987 to cook the world's largest pancake. The griddle is 27 feet in diameter. It is now displayed at the Birkett Mills Building. [map]

More Giant Cookware & Utensils:
Frying Pan (Pittsfield, ME)
Whisks (Ann Arbor, MI)
Whisk (Boulder City, NV) [gone]
Whisk (Nashville, TN)

Giant Grass
Englewood, CO
Giant Cactus
Vining, MN
Giant Cactus
Stagecoach, NV
The Giant Grass sculpture, entitled "Virere", was created by Lawrence Argent who also produced Denver's Big Blue Bear. This work was installed in 2003 and consists of 20-foot-tall aluminum blades of grass installed in a traffic median. For more, see this website. [map]

The Giant Cactus in Viking was built by Ken Nyberg from scrap metal. It is located in Nyberg Park. [map]

The Giant Cactus in Stagecoach was built for the abandoned Oasis Restaurant next door. It contains some sort of utility equipment. [map]

Giant Daffodil [gone]
Finleyville, PA
Giant Bluebonnets
Burnet, TX
Giant Tulip
Austin, TX
Giant Tulips
Mt. Vernon, WA
Giant Flowers
Seattle, WA
The Giant Daffodil was located at Trax Farms Market. It appeared to be a modern metal sculpture. This photo is from 2003. By 2012, the Daffodil was gone.

These Giant Bluebonnets were installed in 2011. This metal sculpture replaced a previous sculpture which was made from foam. The previous sculpture was only on display during the annual Bluebonnet Festival. The new sculpture is on display year-round. [map]

The Giant Tulip in Austin stands in front of the Prima Dora gift shop. It was created by Chuck Watson in 2000. There is now a larger sign panel surrounding the tulip. [map]

The Giant Tulips in Mt. Vernon were created by Jennifer Corio and Dave Frei. The metal sculpture is entitled "Tulip Dance." It was installed in Skagit Riverwalk Park in 2015.

These Giant Flowers in Seattle were installed in 2011. The metal sculpture is 27 feet tall and entitled "Urban Garden. The kinetic sculpture was created by Ginny Ruffner and produced by Fabrication Specialties. The daisy spins and the bluebells open after water pours onto them from the watering can. For more, see this website. [map]

Giant Tulip
Fort Worth, TX
The Giant Tulip in Fort Worth is located in front of Flowers on the Square. It has been here since at least 2009. [map]

Giant Daffodils
Brainerd, MN
Giant Flowers
Burlington, WI
These Giant Daffodils function as streetlights at Paul Bunyan Land.

These Giant Flowers are located at the Burlington Garden Center. They were built by Richard Arfsten sometime before 2006. The Flowers are about ten feet tall. For more, see this website. [map]

Giant Flowers
Meadville, PA
These Giant Flowers were created from recycled road signs. They were created in 2001 by Allegheny College students with assistance from PennDOT workers. This "Signs & Flowers" installation contains twelve flowers which are about ten to twelve feet tall. The soil is made from shredded tires. [map]

More Giant Flowers:
Potted Plant (Kankakee, IL)
Tulips (Lille, France)

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